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hello hello hello! So my favorite question I always get is about face masks. If you follow me on snapchat (kerihillson) I am constantly in face masks. I love doing them while I study, clean or anything productive. I try to do them a few times a week and see myself picking from a select few that I stick to. Since so many people ask me about it I wanted to hook you all up with the best ones out there…

1  Glamglow Gravity Mud ($69.) This mask is easily my favorite. It looks so cool on [I’m sure you’ve seen it all over instagram, its bright silver and beautiful] and it makes your skin feel AMAZING. This mask clams to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, help uneven skintone and leaves my skin feeling ahmaaazzinng. Expensive but totally worth it!

2  Peter Thomas Roth ($47.) This one is SO good for whenever your skin is breaking out. I know some people can’t stand the smell but it doesn’t bother me. I love to slaver this stuff on and let it do it’s work. viola!



3 Boscia Sake Bright White Mask ($38.) This one gives you results right away. Anything that says brightening or whitening I’m a sucker for. This one is also a peel off which is my fave because honestly I am just too lazy to go wash off my mask…can anyone else relate?


4 Sheet mask feel so creepy but this one is SO good I just suffer through it. The Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin mask is seriously SO good. It claims to improve skin texture, trap your moisture into your skin while providing a smooth finish. I totally agree with all these claims and it’s the only sheet mask I’ll suffer through.


I’m always trying new skincare and these are just my go-to’s when I’m wanting to do masks. Let me know what other masks I should try down below….









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Hi loves. So one of my favorite youtube videos to watch is monthly favorites. I love learning about products that I don’t know about so I wanted to share my top 5 products with you all every month!


Pictured: Soap & Glory whipped body butter| Dual Hydrating chapstick|Swell water bottle|PaperMate felt tip marker|Proactiv+ skincare

The Soap & Glory whipped body buttercream smells AMAZING (even my boyfriend is a fan) and is so moisturizing. It helps keep my skin from cracking and always does me right.

My Chapstick is a random favorite but it had to be included in this month. I love that it has a day side, with SPF 12 and a night side to add extra hydration throughout the night

Ok, last month I started doing hot yoga (the room is at 105degrees, kill me) and my water would get so hot it wouldn’t even make me feel hydrated so I decided to bring my swell bottle and my water is ICE cold during my yoga and it seriously saves me during the class

So random but I’m obsessed with the PaperMate felt tip markers. I use them for notes in class, in my journal and in my planner. I feel like having a good pen or pencil is a game changer so I have an embarrassing amount sitting on my desk so I always have one

I know some people are against Proactiv skincare but it has changed my skin. It is so so clear and my skin tone is finally evening out. It’s also nice because you buy everything together instead of buying a cleanser, toner and moisturizer which can get super expensive!

So those are my Top 5 Products for the month of February. Extremely random but things everyone should go out and buy. Until next post…