Hello hello! If you didn’t already know (in which I’d be surprised) I have a French Bulldog, Luna who I am OBSESSED with. Since she takes after me she is super picky when it comes to food. If it’s not fresh, she’s not eating it. Not the right temperature? Not touching it. At first I thought it was cute, but it can get annoying…


I wanted to share my FAVORITE treats when it comes to miss Luna. I found Bubbas Doggy Bakery through Alex, or HRH Collection on Youtube, and was so excited when I ordered them and Luna LOVED them. I love that the owner, Mimi pus your pups name on there (seriously? how freaking cute.) Lu is obsessed and I love that I know what’s going into her treats since they are all homemade.


Check out Mimi’s Etsy shop  and let her know that Keri and Luna sent you.


Happy puppy, happy life.