hey hey hey my job searching ladies and gentlemen. If you clicked on this post your either looking for interview tips or you also have a phone interview coming up and you’re trying to prepare. Well, you came to the right place! I don’t consider myself an interview pro but I have had a lot and (knock on wood) I’ve gotten every single job I have interviewed for. I thought I’d share my tips with you guys if you do have a (phone) interview coming up so you can seal the deal.

  • Prepare like it’s an in-person interview. I think that people think a phone interview will be easier but I personally think they are harder. Read articles about the company, learn about the owner and even learn the company values. Not only to see if it is a good fit for you (hopefully it is since you’ve already applied) but so you can show off that you took the time to look it all up!


  • Have your resume handy! Always print out your resume and have it in front of you! Even if you think you know the dates of your jobs or your skill sets, you may forget or say something incorrectly since you are probably nervous. And forgetting makes it seem like you didn’t tell the truth to begin with!


  • Be in a quiet area. Make sure when you’re scheduling this interview that you are in a quiet, private area. I suggest your home or apartment compared to a Starbucks or library since you never know what can happen!


  • I personally like to talk with my headphones. Using my headphones ensures that I hear everything and I don’t ask the interviewer to keep repeating themselves.


  • Sit up. It may seem silly but sitting up compared to laying down can really change your voice. Sitting up makes you sound more alert, interested and confident!


  • bonus tip!¬†Smile! People can actually tell if you’re smiling over the phone so make sure you do it a lot. Smiling and laughing (at appropriate times) can really change your voice and make you seem like you’re excited about the job.


Well you job seekers, that is all I have got for you. Now it’s time for you to find your dream job and send out that resume. These tips are really simple but make a huge difference in how you are presenting yourself to your new employer. See how confident I am in you guys? That’s because you’re all amazing!

love you all.

May your job search be short and your interviews be successful!



Featured image: https://www.instagram.com/p/_wlJUjJvKz/