hey hey hey! Round 2 for the Gift Guide but this time it’s for your mama! I once again put items with a wide price range. I’ll do a quick description of the products I choose.
1. Eileen Fisher Sweater. I know it’s expensive but they are really nice quality and you’re mom will appreciate it!

2. Eye cream. Cause duh!
3. Prada wallet. If you’re feeling fancy and you want to impress her

4. Ugg Slippers. I put these on here for MY mother since my dog chewed hers up and she needs a new pair hahahaha
5. L’Occitane lotion is probably one of the boogiest lotions you can get and I love that you can get this value pack. Your mom can keep them in her purse, give them away to the homeless or never use them. Whatever she’s want to do you know she’ll love it.

6. Lastly a candle. I think of the meme of Oprah-you get a candle, you get a candle EVERYONE GETS A CANDLE. It’s a safe bet but she’ll love it.

Well , now that we have the women in your family happy, let’s move onto the men! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out the rest of the guides!