hello hello! How was everyones week? Mine went by crazy fast and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so excited to start the weekend and get a chance to lay on my couch and watch tv. Since I am constantly on the go during the week I’ve been addicted to podcasts. I find myself listening to them more than I do my music (ps. Apple music is the way to go) because it’s something different. I thought I’d share with you guys my top 5 podcasts for on the go!

The bitch bible is probably one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever downloaded. Jackie Schimmel is the host of her “blog turned podcast” as she’d say and she is SO SO funny. She has a darker sense of humor so if you’re not into that or get offended easily, I wouldn’t suggest it. If you are, you’ll be laughing to yourself in public like I do while people watch and question your sanity.

Adderall and Compliments is hosted by Annabelle Desisto (who follows me on twitter and told me I was hot. Way too proud of that) and she reminds me of Jackie. She also has a dark sense of humor but her podcast is one of the few that literally make me laugh out loud. She KILLS me and shares her opinions on reality tv and her love for crystals. What else do you need in life you ask? Not much. And her podcasts are about 2 hours so you can listen a few days in a row like I do!

Heather Dubrow host’s Heather Dubrow’s World where you can to “experience [her] world for an hour each week.” She talks about her 4 kids, RHOC, her husband and her new podcast, Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig with her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow. I love how classy and elegant she is and listening to how she lives is so interesting to me. I can’t imaging having the amount of money she does! LOL

Serial was the first podcast I listened to and was such a good listen. I only listened to season 1 as it followed a murder case. I don’t want to say any more than that so I don’t give anything away! Just download it and listen.

The LadyGang just joined my subscription feed but it’s SO good. The 3 hosts are Keltie Knight, Jac Vanick and Becca Tobin. They call themselves the hottest girl possy which I totally agree. They have really fun segments like “Good Week, Bad Week” where they talk about their week, “Question of the Week” and other fun segments depending on their guest. Super funny. Super entertaining. Supaaa worth it.


Those are all my faves. I tried to keep the descriptions short and sweet for you all so you can go and download them! I feel like they have been awesome on the bus and train while I go to work and class and just as background noise while I get ready for the day. Definitely let me know what podcasts you all listen to down below!

Happy listening!




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