Hello hello! If you didn’t already know (in which I’d be surprised) I have a French Bulldog, Luna who I am OBSESSED with. Since she takes after me she is super picky when it comes to food. If it’s not fresh, she’s not eating it. Not the right temperature? Not touching it. At first I thought it was cute, but it can get annoying…


I wanted to share my FAVORITE treats when it comes to miss Luna. I found Bubbas Doggy Bakery through Alex, or HRH Collection on Youtube, and was so excited when I ordered them and Luna LOVED them. I love that the owner, Mimi pus your pups name on there (seriously? how freaking cute.) Lu is obsessed and I love that I know what’s going into her treats since they are all homemade.


Check out Mimi’s Etsy shop  and let her know that Keri and Luna sent you.


Happy puppy, happy life.




hello my loves! and happy new year! I hope you all had a great start to your year and have set goals for yourselves to keep you motivated. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make my apartment my dream space. I had held off on really spending time and money on my place and I decided to take the leap and turn my apartment into an area I would look forward to spending time in.

My living room was the first task. As you can see, when I moved in the space was okay but I wanted to add more elements to it to make it more livable. I always spent time in my bed watching tv or doing work so I really wanted to transition the space so I utilized it more. I wanted to share with you all how I transformed it and made it my dream living area!


Before & After

Styled CoffeeTable

First, I got a mirror. Since I live in a studio I don’t have much space and a large mirror can really help open up the area. I picked up from Homegoods for only $60! I always hesitated buying a mirror because all of the ones I found were 200-300 dollars and I honestly didn’t have that type of money to spend. I was so excited to find this one and couldn’t believe how much it resembled the expensive ones I had previously looked at. I put this mirror in the corner which helps open up the room and fills out the space perfectly. (And I can finally take full mirror OOTD’s!)

Next, I picked out a decorative pillow to add some character. I definitely need to pick up some more to put on my couch but this Kate Spade Chic Happens one was a great first buy.

I was debating on whether to get a faux cowhide rug or this shag faux fur one. I obviously ended up getting the faux fur one and I am so happy with it. I also got this one from Homegoods (for $40!) and I really like it because it adds some texture to my wood floors. Making sure your area rug fits your space-having a rug be too big or small can really mess up the entire esthetic.

Lastly, having a beautifully styled coffee table was a MUST for me. It’s the focal point of my living room so I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I will actually be doing another post on how I styled it to give you all a  closer look when it’s done and perfected!


So I hope some of these tips helped you all on how you can make your living space perfect! I am so excited and inspired to finish the rest of my apartment (7 months later. Ha!) and share it with you guys! Make sure your subscribed so you can stay updated on Casa de Keri.


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Faux fur rug | Acrylic coffee table | Kate Spade Pillow | Cushion Bench



hey hey hey! Round 2 for the Gift Guide but this time it’s for your mama! I once again put items with a wide price range. I’ll do a quick description of the products I choose.
1. Eileen Fisher Sweater. I know it’s expensive but they are really nice quality and you’re mom will appreciate it!

2. Eye cream. Cause duh!
3. Prada wallet. If you’re feeling fancy and you want to impress her

4. Ugg Slippers. I put these on here for MY mother since my dog chewed hers up and she needs a new pair hahahaha
5. L’Occitane lotion is probably one of the boogiest lotions you can get and I love that you can get this value pack. Your mom can keep them in her purse, give them away to the homeless or never use them. Whatever she’s want to do you know she’ll love it.

6. Lastly a candle. I think of the meme of Oprah-you get a candle, you get a candle EVERYONE GETS A CANDLE. It’s a safe bet but she’ll love it.

Well , now that we have the women in your family happy, let’s move onto the men! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out the rest of the guides!

hello my loves! Are you all ready for the Holidays this year? I can’t believe they are already approaching. Since I am usually SO last minute on gift buying, I am trying to be on top of it this year-and help you all out in the process. I created a Gift Guide for everyone in your family. This first one, obviously, is for your sister or sister in law. I am trying to create guides with a wide price range so they suite all of us-yay! You can read a short description on each item I choose AND click the pictures down below to be taken straight to the site. Don’t worry, I got you all this year.

The first item is the Yves Salomon ribbed hat. I thought this would be cute for all hair colors AND how cute is that little puff!?

The Nashelle Monogram necklace is one of my favorite picks. You can make a person feel so special by representing a significant other, child, or if you’re like me, your dog!

There’s not much you have to say about Rebecca Minkoff and her handbags. They speak for themselves.

Also not much to say about a portable charger. Everyone needs one. Everyone deserves one. And everyone should have one with a cute design on it.

Oribe is one of my favorite hair care brands and I LOVE big hair so I threw in this texturizing spray

Annnnd Chanel makes my favorite lip baume so I threw in this one that will provide moisture and a little bit of color to keep your lips moisturized this month-muah!


If you don’t have a sister or sister-in-law stay tuned. Like I said, I’m planning a guide for everyone you’d need one for.

Have a great Thanksgiving this week.




hey hey hey! With 2017 rapidly approaching (What is happening!?) I have been on the hunt for the most perfect planner for the new year. Searching for a planner is my favorite part of starting the new year. It helps keep me motivated and want to stay busy and get things done! I thought I’d share with you my all time favorite planner that all of you should get for 2017.


The Happiness Planner is hands down my favorite. It’s so cute and fun and really does make you happy! I used the 100-day Happiness Planner and it was awesome. (it’s on sale now!) I love that it encourages you to focus on things that make you, well, happy! At the end of each week it makes you reflect on the good and bad of the week. It’s a great way to stay positive and also kind of doubles as a journal so you can go back and look at it!


Daily overview



Weekly Overview






Make sure you all get these planners while they are on sale and before they run out. I know these do go fast and a lot of people like to get them before the new year. I’m needed a new one for the new year!


**The happiness planner did send me my planner but all opinions are my own! (: