Heeelllooo my little loves! How are you all doing? I am so excited to be sharing with you all how to curate the most perfect, and aesthetically pleasing, portfolio to take on job interviews. I was inspired to do this because I’m currently applying to jobs and interviewing [aahhh!] and really do think my portfolio helps me stand out from other candidates. Below, I’ll share what should be in your portfolio, how to set it up, and how to present it. 


Okay okay I know this can be overwhelming and maybe something you all don’t think is necessary but in today’s world the job market is so competitive that you really need to do anything you can to stand out. Now you don’t have to have everything, or even in this order, but it’s just a jumping off point for you all so you can get started…


First things first, I put my portfolio in a really nice clean black display book. Do NOT use a folder. You’ll have to pull out all your loose leaf pages and you’ll look messy and unorganized. Having something you can flip though will look a lot better when you present it.

Now that you have your nice portfolio, let’s talk about what should be in it…


-About Me Page.

-Letter(s) of Recommendation.

-Examples of Work.

I always think your resume should be first. It’ll be the thing whoever is interviewing you will want to see. In all my interviews, whoever is conducting it always looks through and asks me about past experience so you’ll want it handy for them in case they didn’t print it out! Put it first so it’s easy. An ‘about me’ page isn’t for everyone but I include it just in case the person wants to read through for a few minutes. It should also answer the most basic interview question “tell me about yourself…” Next, and my favorite, your letter(s) of recommendation. I actually keep 2 copies of these slid into the plastic sleeve in case whoever is interviewing me wants to keep them to call for references. These are the best because they are people bragging about you! Include them and be proud! Lastly, examples of work. This can apply to almost everyone. Since I’m still in college and don’t have a lot of experience I include school projects that apply to the position I’m applying for. Though the project isn’t something I’ve done in the real world it still shows the company that I have the capability to do whatever it is.


Now, I don’t have a set time when presenting my portfolio. Some will ask for it in the beginning which is a good way to break the ice and sometimes I’ll wait until the end to show myself off a little bit more and get to talk about things I didn’t get a chance to during questioning. Just be confident and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself.


I LOVE my portfolio and really do think it helps me stand out. Since I’m a millennial, I think my generation doesn’t think this is something we need since everything is electronic so I really think this helps gives us a leg up on competition. It shows that we are prepared and care enough to put something together for the interview.


good luck to all my job seekers!