Diffuser | Basics & Benefits

Hello my loves! So I’ve noticed there has been a trend in more wellness and non-traditional products recently. Crystals and essential oils have made their way into the mainstream media that I think wasn’t there even a few years ago.

I jumped on the bandwagon and found myself researching a lot about crystals and essential oil blends for different situations in your life [like sleeping, motivation, relaxation, etc.] Though I know about crystals and why people are obsessed with them I don’t know which one I would get or how to really take care of it. Since I didn’t know much about it I started by focusing on essential oils and my diffuser.

First of all, I’m OBSESSED with my diffuser. I think it’s so amazing and the one I have is super cute. I didn’t want to invest a lot in one or the oils since I was just trying it out so I picked mine up, along with a set of 3 oils, at Tj Maxx. 

Secondly, I love it because it’s so relaxing to me. I love having a faint smell of my essentials oils through my apartment. Having my place smell nice is HUGE to me and I always feel better when I know my place does. Another really cool thing is that people put together different blends for different needs. I have seen some Etsy shops listing different ones. I’ll be sure to buy a few and report back to you all for links.

Since I’m new to aromatherapy, here’s an article that can better explain benefits of my diffuser. The biggest points that really pushed me to get mine was relaxation, adding water to the air and help pain relief. 


anyyyywhoo, that’s my spcheel on diffusers and how obsessed I am. Is it a trend? probably. We’ll see If i’m still constantly using it here in a few months (we all know I don’t do things in moderation when I first get introduced to them.) But I do encourage you all to try it. It’s so fun to make different combinations and really helps the fung shui of your place.

talk soon.