Ultimate Gift Guide: Sister ( & in-law, too!)

hello my loves! Are you all ready for the Holidays this year? I can’t believe they are already approaching. Since I am usually SO last minute on gift buying, I am trying to be on top of it this year-and help you all out in the process. I created a Gift Guide for everyone in your family. This first one, obviously, is for your sister or sister in law. I am trying to create guides with a wide price range so they suite all of us-yay! You can read a short description on each item I choose AND click the pictures down below to be taken straight to the site. Don’t worry, I got you all this year.

The first item is the Yves Salomon ribbed hat. I thought this would be cute for all hair colors AND how cute is that little puff!?

The Nashelle Monogram necklace is one of my favorite picks. You can make a person feel so special by representing a significant other, child, or if you’re like me, your dog!

There’s not much you have to say about Rebecca Minkoff and her handbags. They speak for themselves.

Also not much to say about a portable charger. Everyone needs one. Everyone deserves one. And everyone should have one with a cute design on it.

Oribe is one of my favorite hair care brands and I LOVE big hair so I threw in this texturizing spray

Annnnd Chanel makes my favorite lip baume so I threw in this one that will provide moisture and a little bit of color to keep your lips moisturized this month-muah!


If you don’t have a sister or sister-in-law stay tuned. Like I said, I’m planning a guide for everyone you’d need one for.

Have a great Thanksgiving this week.