Stay Motivated This Semester!

hey hey hey! So I just (barely) made it through midterms and am on the struggle bus. Take that back. I amĀ driving the struggle bus and I feel like this time of the semester is the hardest. Us students are trying to make it to Thanksgiving break and quite honestly, I’d rather binge watch Gossip Girl (for the 4th time) and eat unhealthy amounts of pasta. Though I still do that, I need to get serious and still get my stuff done at the same time. I thought I’d share with you some tips to stay motivated this semester so we can all end up on the dean’s list.


Okay. 1st. Time management. I know this sound so easy but I am the WORST at managing my time. I’ll be the one who watches tv and Youtube videos all night and make myself wake up at 6am to complete an assignment. Just sit down early and get your stuff done. Then you can watch tv in the background and not feel stressed. Doing an hour each day will be a game changer.

Also, if you’re in college and a professorĀ knows you’re trying and wanting to learn, they will work with you! I’ve been on the verge of an A & B and my professor has bumped it up to an A with no extra work because they knew I worked my little booty off.

Have a clean space. The thought of studying or getting my homework done in a messy apartment or room makes me cringe. I’m not the cleanest person but for some reason I MUST have a clean area so I can actually focus on my work instead of all the laundry I need to do.


Ask for help. We are going to school to learn. We don’t know everything! So don’t feel embarrassed to ask for some extra help or see a tutor. I see my Spanish tutor (shoutout to you girl) at least once a week. It’s free with my tuition so I take advantage and see her. And if you’re in college, some professors may give extra credit if you show that you go to your tutor often.


Get with friends! I think it’s super important to do well in school but it’s also important to give yourself a break and meet up with a friend. I was super stressed last week and I went to my friends and we just made dinner and hung out. It totally changed my mood and took my mind off of school for a bit.

Well my studious children, those are the tips and things I live and swear by while going to school. I know it’s hard and all of us are struggling but remember it’s temporary. I always have to remind myself when I’m having a hard week, it’s ONE week of your life you aren’t getting sleep or not eating 3 meals a day. It’s such a short amount of time when you look at the big picture. So hop to it. Sleep if for the weak!

love you all.