Create a Kick-A** morning routine

hi loves! So I’ve been waking up early, around 7am (thanks Luna) and have actually been enjoying it so I thought I would stick to it and continue waking up early to try and make it a habit! Since I am NOT at all a morning person it’s been a struggle but I think I’ve been doing okay and establishing a routine to stick with has been extremely helpful. I thought i’d share with you my routine to drag my butt out of bed before 8am each day and still being able to be in a positive mood!

  1. Wake up the first time your alarm goes off! It SUCKS but you’re only really tired for the first couple minutes after you get out of bed
  2. Create a routine. I use the app, routine, to help keep me on track and moving so I can get out the door on time.
    Here’s my morning routine and how long I give myself for each task!IMG_1743
  3. Play music! My morning spotify playlist is full of Beyonce, Chainsmokers and other music that will get me pumped up to start my day!
  4. Coffee and a good breakfast is a must. I feel so much better when I ¬†give myself time to get my coffee and a good breakfast in. I’m full and energized for the day
  5. Leave 5 minutes early. Living in the city, I never know what will happen with traffic or the CTA schedule so I like to give myself a little wiggle room-and if I’m early I’ll run to starbucks and grab my second coffee of the day. LOL.

Well you guys, that’s my morning routine. If you’re not a morning person I challenge you to try and become one. I feel more productive and energized throughout the day and actually tired at a decent time at night! Leave a comment down below and tell me what time you wake up every day!