3 things you should do at the start of each month

hi loves and HAPPY August! I’m gonna be so basic and say how I can’t believe it’s august and blah blah blah but I really can’t believe July is over and classes start next month (sorry for you all who start this month) and summer is coming to an end. ¬†Since it is the beginning of the month and a “fresh start” if you will so I like to do a couple things to start the month off in a positive and exciting way. Here are a few tips to get your started on the right foot and get you motivated for the upcoming month!

Set personal, financial and health goals. This is my favorite part. Don’t make them too crazy that you can’t get them done so really take time to think about what you’re able to complete throughout the month.

My personal goal: wake up earlier/try not to sleep in

My financial goal: Save $100

My health goal: Workout 3 times a week


Clean your home! Deep clean that sucker! Vacuum, mop, windex dust and make your bed. A clean space is a clean mind and I always feel so much better and motivated when my place is tidy.

Create an if/when list.¬†I recently started making one of these and essentially it is a list to go and look at when you want to be productive but you don’t know what to do. You write down small tasks that need to be done so you have options on what to do to be productive! My list includes organizing my tupperware (that ALWAYS needs to be done), wash my bedding (also something that can always be done), and other random things around my place that needs to be done!

Those are 3 things I do each month to really get a good idea of what to expect from myself. I write all of these down in my bullet journal, which is my best friend, and make sure to look back at it at the endow the month

It’s not too late to try this for the month of August