Money saving tips (for those who don’t make much!)

Hi loves! I have been really wanting to get serious about saving money and I’ve been reading so many blog posts and tips I’ve found on different websites through Pinterest but I seem to only see people give tips telling you to save hundreds at a time or simply save more than I can afford. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have extra hundreds of dollars laying around my house so I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to save money for those of us who don’t have much to begin with

Create a budget. You’ll see this tip everywhere but it’s SO helpful and can really make a difference. At ┬áthe beginning of the month I write out all constant bills I will have for the month and add them together to keep that number in the back of my mind. That lets me know how much I need to set aside for the month.

IMG_0977Invest! I didn’t think this was something I got into but I recently downloaded the app Acorns and it’s so awesome! You link the account up to your bank (don’t worry it’s totally safe) and it takes the extra change you don’t spend, for example you spend $4.60 on a coffee and it will take 40 cents and put it into your acorn account to be invested. You can also add money into your account whenever to speed up the process. You can always withdraw the money back into your account but I’ve been avoiding that to make more money! Download the acorns app here

Keep your change, girl. One of the best things ever to me is taking a bag full of change into the bank and getting $100. I feel like it’s free money. I’ve been trying to use more cash to accumulate change so I can collect it and take it to the bank. cha-ching!

Spend cash instead of swiping your card can help you visualize how much you’re spending. I’ve had multiple situations where I have swiped my card too many times, checked my account and about fell over because I didn’t realize how much I had spent

poor meme

Take a day to think about your purchase. It is really easy to make impulse buys and I’m still guilty of it. I’ve been trying to give myself at least 24 hours to think about an item before buying to make sure I actually want it. If you don’t want it after 24 hours, chances are you just got excited in store and didn’t really want/need it!


Well, that is all I have for you guys. Let me know if you guys try any tips and if they work for you!

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