Why I’m vegan

Hi Loves. I get SO many questions about why I’m vegan and what my reasons are for continuing to eat a plant based diet. I thought I would give you a couple reasons why I chose this lifestyle and hope to keep up with it an keep it as a lifestyle change.

Health. About a month ago I went to the grocery store with my friend because I had little to no food in my cabinets (obviously.) I put all of my items on the belt and I kid you not, I had cookie dough, edible cookie dough (w/ no eggs in it so you can eat it until you’re sick), pizza lunchables and pasta. This was so sad to me because I wasn’t even thinking. and not in a good way. This was what I would buy on a regular basis and eat. I was so grossed out and knew I had to change my eating habits.

If you knew me personally, you knew that all I would do was sleep. I was taking a nap every single day and if I didn’t I would be so exhausted. I hoped changing my diet would give me more energy. I can say I don’t think I’ve taken a nap in the almost 3 weeks I’ve been vegan and can find myself getting out of bed a little easier. I’m not saying that I’m a morning person, but I really hope to be one day!

I wasn’t really too worried about the environment when I made the switch but now learning more and more about how my diet is affecting the environment, and in a good way, makes me feel so much better about it!


I’m sure the biggest reason people are vegan is for the animals but I honestly can’t say that’s the main reason I did it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think it’s terrible that we are treating the animals the way we are and I will never defend that but I also work for a huge fashion brand that uses leather.

Knowing that I don’t have rotting flesh in my intestines and stomach makes me feel so much better about what I eat. Now that I know what meat is it really makes me cringe when I see it in the grocery store. It’s so gross to me and if you don’t know what you’re really putting in your body, I suggest you look up what it is. Check out a great article here.

Well, that is all I have for you guys! Like I said earlier, I get this question so so often and I thought I would answer. Like I tweeted earlier this week, giving up meat and dairy and animal products was the easy part of vegan. Constantly defending myself is the hardest part. Part of me gets a little annoyed because I don’t question others and judge them about what they eat but I just need to remember not everyone knows or think that it can be done.

I challenge all of you to go vegan. Not completely because I totally understand that’s a huge lifestyle change not everyone wants to do but try it. Just do 1 day a week or 1 meal a week. Do what works for you and know that any change you make is huge!