Plant based diet | 1 week in

(Vegan) sushi burrito, I love you 😍

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Hi loves! So if you didn’t already know, I have been eating a plant based, or vegan diet for a week now and just wanted to let you guys know how it’s going. So if you don’t know already vegan is no meat, dairy, eggs or animal bi-product (butter, honey, cheese, etc).

The most frequently asked question I get is why I’m vegan. Most people say it is for animal rights and I would love to say that is my reason but I would be a hypocrite. I do carry leather handbags and support brands like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc. So my main reason is for health. I don’t really want to rant and go into it but I needed to change my eating habits and nothing was worked like my vegan diet has.

Ok now to the update… and FAQ’s

Has it been hard giving up all the “good” food?

In all honestly I do crave a piece of cheese or a slice of pizza but there are so many other great alternatives to satisfy your cravings. I have had a couple moments when I’m just so hungry I want to give in because it’s easier to just grab a burger a cheese stick but I haven’t cheated!! Once I eat, I feel so much better.

Have you lost weight?

In 1 week I’m down 4 pounds! My weight can fluctuate about 5 pounds so once it goes past there I’ll be a little more excited about it.

Aren’t you hungry?

Girl (or boy), no. The best thing about eating a plant based diet is that you can eat ALL THE TIME. I am constantly eating but I’m eating things that are good for my body so I don’t feel guilty about it. I can sit down and eat 2 apples and a piece of toast with a smoothie and still feel good

Will it last?

Great question. And honestly, I don’t even know the answer to this myself. It is hard and I really hope to stick with it but who knows, I may run out of ideas of what to eat or cook and just get over it.



Well thank you so so much for taking the time to read my post! I promise I won’t become one of those vegans who are super preachy and look down on people who eat meat. Because you do you. If you want a steak or cheeseburger go for it! Just wanted to make that clear (:

until next time…