What my junior year of college taught me

hello loves. Long time no talk. I’m honestly just lazy and have been sleeping a lot when I’m home. Anyway I just finished my junior year of college (heck yes!) and thought I’d share with you all what I had learned.. . .

  • No to the 9am. 9am doesn’t seem that early when you sign up for classes but damn. I can’t get myself up, eat and glam all before 9. It doesn’t happen and it won’t be a part of my senior year schedule.
  • I need a planner. I am the type of person who will totally forget about something unless I write it down. I’ve been using my Happiness Planner┬áreligiously and it has changed my life. It combines a planner and a journal together which is great to look back on and it’s cute!
  • I love to set goals for myself throughout the semester. Semesters are usually 16 weeks so it’s nice to be able to set a goal for myself and track it throughout the semester. I use an excel spreadsheet to track mine and see my progress. Try it next semester!
  • I hate doing laundry. I have been using tide spin (the best app. EVER.) for someone to pick up my laundry or dry cleaning, clean it for me and return it. It’s so bougie but I am obsessed.
  • I’m so close to graduating! Finally being able to say I’m a senior is super exciting but just as scary. I know feel the pressure to be saving money and preparing myself for the future. ahh!

Cheers to another year of college down and to a successful, busy last year! Now time to start my summer classes, don’t worry, I’ll be studying on the beach since they are all online.