Adoption Adventures| Vol. l

hi loves. So I wanted to start a different series on my blog and clearly, by the title, it is very different from what I usually post but I feel like it’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. I was looking for blogs or blog posts about adoption and other’s stories so I was surprised I didn’t really find anything so I was inspired to share my story and hopefully have this post find people who are also adopted so I can hear their stories.

Ok, lets get into it. I have so many thoughts and things to say so I’m going to try and break this into a couple posts and try to keep my thoughts organized when typing it.

Before we go back into time, I want to talk about my life now and answer questions I get asked a lot. Rapid fire style. Yes, my parents named me. Yes, they were there when I was being born. No, I was born in the States. California to be exact. No, my brothers aren’t adopted either (I have 3 older brothers). No, I’ve never felt like I was adopted. ever.

So how I came about being a Hill is actually a really cool story. My parents really wanted a girl. They had my two oldest brothers and decided to try one more time for a girl and had another boy. My parents had looked into adopting overseas but it was hard to do because you’d have to be in the country for long periods of time and my parents couldn’t do that with 3 small children. Fast forward a couple weeks later. My mom was out getting Martinis with her friends and mentioned that she was looking into adopting a girl. Little did she know she’d agree to taking me home a short 2 months. My moms friend (my biological grandmother) mentioned that her daughter (my biological mother) was pregnant with a girl and was thinking of putting me up for adoption. My parents had finally gotten their girl (and a damn good one if i do say so myself).

So I don’t know if I’m just sitting here typing to myself or you guys actually give a what so make sure you let me know in the comments below. Also leave any questions you have so I can answer them in my next post!

Stay tuned and subscribe for part 2 next week…


  • Madeline Sheahan

    You have a Wonderful story Keri! <3 thanks for sharing. we all come from somewhere and the uniqueness of our personal stories make them beautiful!