Mornings on Michigan|Ep 1

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Pictured: Boxed water|Instant Happy Journal|Ugg slippers|Keurig K-cups

Hi loves and good morning! I’m currently still in bed (don’t worry it’s only 8am) looking at the downtown skyline wrapped in my heated blanket which is the most amazing thing in the world I might add.Now normally, I hate mornings and no one really wants to be around me but I’m trying to force myself to become a morning person. I feel more productive when I wake up earlier and I actually have time in the day to get everything done that I want to.

Hopefully I’ll wake up and blog once a week for you guys and call it Mornings on Michigan since I live on Michigan avenue. So wheather you are on your computer still at home or on your phone waiting for your first class to start, let’s take 10 minutes to relax before our busy week starts.

Anyway, every morning I have been writing in my Instant Happy Journal and I LOVE it. I know some people aren’t really into journaling but it just helps wake me up and be in a more productive mood for the day. It only takes 5 minutes and I always love looking back on past entries. It also gives me an excuse to stay in bed for a little longer

On a totally radon note, I’m getting really excited for Spring Break! I’m going on a cruise to Mexico and I’m so excited. I feel so spoiled from my mom because we just went on a cruise in July (thanks mom!). I do plan on vlogging the entire adventure and I’m super excited because I have a lot of footage planned for that trip and of course all of you will see!

Anyway, I have a crazy busy week so I better start my day. Hope all of you have a great Monday! Do any of you have fun plans for spring break? Let me know in the comments! Talk to you all later this week..


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