6 Steps to clear skin

Hi loves. So my skin has improved dramatically in the past 6 months and I thought I would share my tips and tricks that have helped my skin. Some of these may be common sense or things that we already know but it’s important to actually follow through with them to see positive results


  1. Rethink your foundation! I used to wear Kat Von D Tattoo Lock it (which is bomb as hell, might I add) but I felt like it was really clogging my pores. I always thought it didn’t matter what type of foundation I was putting on my face and boy was I wrong. Once I made a switch to my Maybelline BB cream with salicylic acid, I noticed a difference in my pores and I felt like my skin could breath. Try switching up your foundation and see if you notice a difference
  2. Wash your pillowcase, girl. This seems so easy but I actually forget to do it. Think about it, all the oils from your hair and skin are getting all over the pillowcase. Gross. Just make a habit of throwing both your sheets and pillowcase in your wash once a week.
  3. Switch up your cleanser. Switching up your cleanser can be great because you can give your skin all the needs it is asking for. I like to change my cleanser depending on what my skin needs. Some nights I need a more gentle cleanser and others I need an intense chemical peel (my favorite is the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel).
  4. Mask, mask, mask, mask, mask. When typing that, I sang it like the Rihanna song “Work”. Ok anyway. I love masking. I think it’s so relaxing and I always look forward to it. I also like to “multi-mask” and put a more pore cleansing mask on my cheeks, where I break out, and a more moisturizing mask on the other parts of my face.
  5. Treat. If you have a problem with your skin weather its acne (that’s me), hyper pigmentation (me again), texture, etc. It is important to use products that will help these problems instead of making them worse. For example, if you have sensitive skin, don’t use a chemical peel every day!
  6. Don’t let it define you. I feel like I’m just now accepting the fact that my skin isn’t perfect. You skin doesn’t define you so if you have a pimple in the middle of your forehead, don’t stress. It’s only temporary and to be honest, not many people will even notice it!

So those are my best tips I have to help your skin! Feel free to comment your favorite tip or any tip I forgot to mention!



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  • I swear by the ‘Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay’ mask. You mix it with apple cider vinegar and apply, let it dry, then wash it off. It’s amazing. Bonus: it’s cheap and there’s a lot of it.


    great post! and you’re so right about loving the skin you’re in. some things you can fix, and some you can’t, and that’s ok!

    • I LOVE that mask! I’m so glad you like it too and it’s so cheap compared to other masks!

  • I love this! I think they’re great tips and I swear by them as well. Ever since I started using or doing these steps, I’ve seen a huge difference as well. Thank you for sharing!

    How good is Tea Tree by the TBD?????

    Ella x

    • I love the whole tea tree line from the Body Shop. I have the cleanser, the toner (pictured) and the mask and they really worked great for my skin! I just love the company because they are such a great product for a good price