Why studying abroad was the best experience of my life

Hello Hello my loves! As my studying abroad experience has come to an end, I’ve had time to reflect on the past 4 weeks I’ve had here in Europe and I can easily say it was the best experience I’ve had in my short 19 years of life. Not only did I learn about a different culture but I also learned about myself and have grown so much in these short 4 weeks. I have defiantly stepped out of my comfort zone from eating pig heart to spontaneously traveling to a different country for the weekend.

Studying in a different culture and being surrounded by a different language (Spanish in my case) forces you to grow in a way you couldn’t if you stayed in your home country. Every single day in this country was a challenge for me. Weather it was trying to order food at a restaurant or communicating with my host family who couldn’t speak english. When I say they didn’t speak english, I mean they didn’t know a word so it was my job to recall every single thing I’ve learned in my past 4 years of studying the language to be able to understand and carry a conversation with them. In the short 4 weeks I can easily say that I have become almost fluent in Spanish and you can’t find that in an english speaking environment.


Surrounding yourself in a different culture you’re not used to gives you such a different appreciation for what you do have at home and I cannot thank my parents enough for giving me this opportunity and also taking care of my Luna for me for 6 weeks.

Now, I’m off to Morocco!! I’ll get to ride a camel in the Sahara desert, sleep in berber tents and play with monkeys in the Atlas mountains and I’ll be vlogging it all so keep your eyes out. Then I will be taking a Mediterranean cruise to France, Italy and some islands off the coast of Spain so keep your eyes out for that vlog as well!


P.s Now I want to travel to every other country there is. It’s addicting.