Portugal Weekend Getaway 5/29-5/31

Hi loves. So as all of you know, I’m studying abroad in Spain for 6 weeks this summer and since I’m only here for such a short amount of time I really wanted to take advantage of the cheap travel to other surrounding countries-so I went to Portugal for the weekend! It seriously amazes me that I took a 3 hour bus ride to another country with no boarder control. I’m seriously jealous of those who live in Europe and can travel around so easily! I went to Lagos and Albuferia for the weekend and those two cities were breathtaking.


This was from the very first day we had gotten to Lagos. It was 4pm and sill so nice out so we spent a couple hours on the beach.


I think this is one of my favorites. This was in a cave on our first full day of the beach. These caves were everywhere and so so beautiful


I’m a little embarrassed I don’t know the name of this place but I’ll keep you all updated on Instagram (@kerihillbeauty) when I figure it out. It reminded me of Avatar and was a little scary because some people got so close to the edge. This is overlooking Albuferia and was such a great spot to take pictures


Albufeira was seriously so beautiful. This picture looks like something you’d find off google (I didn’t, I promise I took it) and this beach was so great. I went paddle boarding and played lots of beach volleyball..



We also saw one of the cutest puppies at the beach and of course I had to stop and play with him..The amount of excitement I get from seeing cute dogs is a little embarrassing. I think its because I miss Luna so much…


annnnnd my last visit of the trip- “end of the world”. This is called The end of the world because ancient ┬áRomans believed this truly was the end of the world and when the sun set it was disappearing into the sun.

Okay loves. That’s all I have for you today. I’ve been wanting to do more beauty, hair and makeup posts but I just didn’t bring much of that since I’m traveling and didn’t need to haul all of my products around. I’m thinking of doing a simple makeup routine with just the basic products I’ve brought with me. Thank you all for being so patient with my posts and I hope to get my second vlog up soon.