Spain: Week 1

Hi loves. So sorry I’ve been gone so long but I’ve actually been studying in Spain for the past week. Quick update: I seriously love this country. I’m in Seville, Spain and it’s in the very south of Spain.I do love this city but it may be hard for people to enjoy it if they don’t speak Spanish since very few people speak english. Since I’m having so much fun, I wanted to share some great pictures with you guys if you’re not on my personal Facebook or instagram.

Just a little more information, I do study Spanish and do plan on minoring in it. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to study in a different country and experience different cultures at such a young age. I do live with a host family that doesn’t speak any english so my Spanish has come so far in such a short period of time. Ok enough talk. Lets get into the pictures…


First picture even taken in Spain at the Plaza de Espanas. Literally got to my house, changed into different clothes and went to the Plaza. This is my favorite spot in Sevilla. It has a beautiful fountain and I never get sick of walking past it. I mean, who could!?


First Churro con chocolate experience and to be honest, it was just okay. Glad I tried it since it’s such a Spanish thing to do though!


This is an example of a typical breakfast you would have in Spain. If you don’t already know, breakfast is small, and in my case, toast and coffee. Lunch is massive. Usually 2 or 3 courses and I eat at 2:30pm. Dinner is also small and I eat at 9:30pm. It’s very different from America but I really like it! (also bread is served with EVERYTHING and it’s bought fresh every day so its crazy good. Never going to like bread in the States again).

IMG_0958┬áThis is me in front of the Torro de Oro(Top) and me on top of the Torro (bottom). Very beautiful but the stairs kicked my a**. I should probably work out more while I’m here…IMG_0933


Despiste what others say about this picture, this really is tea at a tea house. I don’t like tea so I didn’t drink much but it was cute. And we saw a belly dancer there too. Who did make me feel worse about myself…


Of course I had to take a picture with a frenchie. My excitement was unreal…IMG_0745

This was my first ever Sangria and a visit to a tapas bar! It was delicious!IMG_0808

Probably one of my favorite pictures. Me on top of las setas (mushrooms in english). This is a really cool site that is in Sevilla but the people of Sevilla hate it because its a modern building surrounded by the old city. It does look very out of place but does give a beautiful view.

Well loves, thats all I have for you today. I am going to Portugal today for the weekend and do plan on posting either an outfit of the weekend or a weekend photo book. Thanks for being so patient with me and leave all your questions in the comment section. I do plan on posting my second vlog on my Youtube channel hopefully by the end of next week. But in the meantime, check out my airport experience and travel to Spain with me!


P.s if you have the opportunity to go abroad, always take it.