Desk Organization l DIY l My essentials

Hi loves. I thought I would share something new with you guys today and that how I organized my desk and spiced it up with a couple DIY projects. Having a nice, organized desk makes me motivated to do more things and to stay productive! My old desk, pictured below(don’t mine my window, I’m in the basement so the view isn’t too cute) was not doing it for me so I decided to switch it up. Here are a couple tips and DIY’s that I did to give it a little more character…


First I was dying to get flowers into my room but I knew I would have to buy new ones every week and that wasn’t really in my budget so I decided to pick some up from Michaels! These were on sale for about $3 but were originally $7 and the vase was $5, so a pretty cheap buy. I decided to add marbles in the bottom to hide the stems..which didn’t really work, so if you guys have suggestions on how to hide them-tell me!


Next I had to have something that resembled Luna, of course, so I got this picture of her when she was a baby and framed it. I also love this gold frame with my Prada Marfa sign in it. I got the frame from TJ Maxx and just printed out the picture from google-only a $4 project! annd my wireless keyboard is for my iPad and I like to keep it up there to keep it out of the way(:


I have a crazy amount of pencils and pens so I thought it would be a good idea to get a cute container to keep all of them in. This one is from TJ Maxx and it was only $2.99! I also am always thirsty so I keep my bobble water bottle, also a TJ Maxx buy for $4.99 and they retail for about $20 on Amazon.

Doing a To Do list in the morning really helps me stay on task and make sure I don’t waste the day. The one I use is also from Tj Maxx and was $2.99.

And I couldn’t leave out my all time favorite lotion and it is the Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Butter. I It is the most amazing scent and I love it because it’s so light and fluffy! Also, is Sephora not selling Soap and Glory anymore!?

The last thing I must have on my desk is a candle. Right now I’m loving the Red Velvet cancel from Yankee. It makes me room smell like cake!

Well, loves thats all I have for you today! If you didn’t know, I’m going to Spain on Thursday (ah so soon!!) so I’m hoping to get as many posts up as a can but bare with me because I will be studying there.