Get Fit + Tips on keeping you motivated


Hi loves! So I’ve recently been really into going to the gym, eating healthier and paying attention to what I put into my body. I’ve seen results in as little as a week and I wanted to share some tips with you that have really helped me look more lean and healthy.

My goal is not to be “skinny” or to reach a certain weight. I want to be fit and healthy and to be honest, I needed to make some changes in my lifestyle. I don’t like the word ‘diet’ because it sounds temporary. These changes are lifestyle changes that should stick with you way longer than a diet would. I also want to say before I start that I know I’m no the healthiest, leanest, or strongest girl out there but I wanted to share basic things that I have started doing and have seen results from.

Let’s get started. . .

1. Don’t eat late at night!

This was the hardest things for me to follow at first because I’m the type of person who would leave my house and get Mcdonald’s after 10 pm or eat a huge bowl of pasta at midnight. Now I set a time for myself (usually 8-9pm) and stop eating. Eating right before bed made me bloated and I know I wouldn’t burn off those calories so they would be stored as fat. If you feel the urge to eat, drink a glass of water to make yourself feel full!

2. Eat balanced meals!

Eating a balanced meal is so important. I try to hit 3 different food groups in every meal-protein, carbs and veggies (my favorite meal of all time is 6-8oz of grilled chicken, 1 cup of whole grain rice and 1 cup of broccoli. So filling and so nutrient friendly!). I don’t like fruit so I don’t eat it often so I tend to stick to vegetables in my meals.

3. Cut out soda

This one is still sometimes hard for me. I love me a diet coke but cutting out those sugary drinks can make such a huge difference (your skin will thank you too!) If I’m craving something sweet to drink I love the Sparking Ice drinks-Cherry Limeaid is the best one. They are so so delicious and I don’t feel guilty having one!

4. Make small substitutions 

I think this is one of the best tips I can give. Making a drastic change can be really difficult and then you won’t want to stick to it. I started making small changes in my lifestyle to gradually reach the goal I wanted. Example: Instead of fried chicken, grill it. Instead of a bag of chips, try baked chips. If you’re craving something sweet, grab apples with peanut butter.

5. Don’t listen to the scale 

This can be hard for people and is something I struggled with until recently. Focusing on a number on the scale can be so frustrated and discouraging so I don’t like to get wrapped up on my weight. I know I weigh more than most girls my age but I also know that I can squat 200 pounds easily and I’m lifting in the gym 5 days a week. Muscle weighs more than fat. Just remember that (:

6. It doesn’t matter what size you are

This is one of the biggest things I struggled with and still do to this day. I hate trying on clothes in stores. I never fit into the size I want and I feel insecure and discouraged. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that no one knows what size you’re wearing so if you need to go a size up to feel comfortable-do it!

7. Don’t give up

Staying motivated isn’t easy and theres not secret tip to doing it. If you really want to make these changes then you will. If not, then you won’t. It’s that simple. Going to the gym 5 days a week isn’t easy and you’ll have bad days. There will be days, like last week for example, where I felt horrible at the gym but I get through the workout and feel great afterwards. I’ve also found great motivation and inspiration from Nikki Blackketter and Marissa Lace. They both have youtube channels and they actually gave me the push I needed to start making these changes. Check their youtube channels out!

Well that is all I have for you loves. I have a couple more health related posts I’ve been wanting to put up for you guys to make sure to comment or like this post to let me know if you would be interested in me posting them!