Starbucks for your dog?!

Hi loves.

So today I’m posting something kind of random but also something that made me really really happy and excited. If you don’t know, I love Starbucks just like any other girl in America. If you also didn’t know, I’m obsessed with my dog. (She’s a french bulldog. NOT a pug. NOT a boston terrier. A pure breed Frenchie).  I recently just found out you can get Starbucks for free for your dog whenever you get yourself something!! I go to Starbucks frequently so this is perfect. It gives me the chance to bring something home for her! Some Starbucks don’t participate in this so just ask for a “puppichino” or a “puppy latte”. These are just small cups of whipped cream. I don’t give Luna the whole thing since she’s still a puppy and it can easily upset her tummy.

IMG_7209 IMG_0212 IMG_0275 IMG_0279

Even though this was a different post for me it was something I was really excited and wanted to share with you guys if you have spoiled dogs like Luna!